Wednesday, 14 March 2012

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What Is Wazzub ? ~~>

First Of All,I Am Sorry For Discussing It As It Has Nothing To Do With Any Tricks.But I Wanted To Share This As It Attracted Me Towards It.  

Wazzub is a new company that plans to compete with existing searching engines like Google and Yahoo, but with one interesting twist.  They plan to pay the users. It is a known phenomenon that companies like Google, Yahoo and Ask earn billions of dollars while everyday web surfers use their services. To be clear, WAZZUB is absolutely free. Nobody has to buy or sell anything, or pay any fees.

wazzub sign up
On April 9, 2012 Wazzub will launch their “Perfect Internet” home page. This home page will feature a breakthrough patent-pending technology that will display personalized news, videos games, fantastic shopping deals, and social media links and messages from friends and family all ON The SAME PAGE! (( This has Not Been Done Before ))

This home page will be free for everyone and will attract millions of users.  WAZZUB will monetize the home page by displaying ads and by offering exclusive deals to the users. It is the profit from these ads that will be shared with eligible users.

What is Wazzub’s Background?
In this review, we will attempt to lay out some of the facts surrounding this new company. Wazzub has been funded by investors since 2007. The new search engine has offered to share 50% profit with all their FREE members who join and remain as FREE members.  There is no obligation to spend any fees or upgrade your account. It is 100% free for everyone who joins before April 1, 2012.

How Does Wazzub Profit?
Wazzub’s business model is similar to that of the search portion of Google or Yahoo. These search engines earn billions of dollars from advertising, while never charging the end user, the searcher, a single penny. Wazzub plans to split the profits, 50/50, with those people who sign up early and help get the word out about their services.

How Much Can Be Earned With Wazzub?
Wazzub will pay $1 per month for each person you refer. Your referrals can come from you directly, or from others who sign up from your referrals (down 5 levels deep).  So by referring 5 to 10 people, who then do the same, you could end up referring 500, 1,000 or 5,000 members.  This would mean you would be earning $500, $1,000 or $5,000 month after month in passive recurring income. This is a potentially exciting opportunity, especially since it is FREE.

How Do I Know Wazzub Will Succeed?
Let’s be honest.  Nobody knows if they will succeed.  Businesses start all the time, and most fail.  This may be true of Wazzub.  But what is the downside?  Nothing.  Since it is free to join, there really is only opportunity.  You might be in at the beginning of the next Yahoo or Google (think the people who got in early did pretty well?).  Or, you might be wasting a little time.  Time will tell.  But how will you feel if you miss out?

When Will Wazzub Begin?
If you pre-register now then you could access the web site between January 1st through March 31st, 2012. On April 9th 2012, the search engine goes live and the FREE members who join now will start earning monthly income.

NOTE : YOU NEED AN INVITATION FOR SIGNING UP IN WAZZUB . YOU CAN USE THIS REFFERAL --> fbe5f (you need to input it in the field which says invited by)

Wazzub sign-up