Monday, 27 February 2012

MOBILE --> iPaD 3 rElEaSe dAte

I-Pad 3 Release Date ~~>

After using the Apple iPad 2 users are eagerly waiting for launch of the iPad 3. Naturally, there are rumors all over the place regarding its release date. People have been keenly following various tech-products related websites to know the latest development. A recent report published by the Wall Street Journal suggests that the iPad 3 would be released in early 2012. This is quite believable as it matches with the release schedules followed by previous versions of iPads. Many market insiders, too, believe that iPad 3 would not be launched in Early 2012. So users have to wait till Late 2012 for it.

Earlier, various sources predicted that iPad 3 is set to release in September 2011 but that seems nothing but a wild prediction now.  As per DigiTime’s sources, Apple has already begun the certification process for various components of iPad 3. Sources in fact claimed that a Taiwan based component manufacturer has already been certified by Apple. All these developments are signaling towards 2012. Isn’t it?
It’s a fact the huge hush is made over iPad 3’s release. Such secrecy gives birth to meaningless rumors and farfetched predictions. That’s what happened in case of Apple iPad 3 too. Marketers are in no mood to describe this secrecy as a pre-launch hype making strategy from Apple. Market insiders say, users have become a bit impatient too and started to imagine all negative things.  Apple lovers, however, still looks interested.
ipad 3 release date
Getting back to iPad 3’s release date, there are reports that Apple would launch it sometime around March or April, 2012.  Some people are claiming that Apple has taken a slow and steady strategy for iPad 3 learning from its earlier mistakes with the iPhone line.  According to them this delay is a part of Apple’s strategy. But as I have mentioned earlier, this strategy theory seems quite wired.
As users and gadget lovers, all we can hope for an excellent and revolutionary new iPad from Apple.  The expectations have gone sky high. So this time Apple has to come up with something extraordinary once again as always.