Monday, 27 February 2012

PC --> ScrEenJellY,ThE sCrEen RecOrdEr

Screenjelly – The Screen Recorder ~~>

Screenjelly is basically a simplified version of Screentoaster and it’s a useful tool to record what an individual is doing on his/her computer screen. It allows users the option to add voices to explain what the viewers are watching on the screen.
Simplicity of this tool is its USP. Anyone can easily create a video by using Screenjelly. What all a user needs to do is to create an account in Screenjelly via Facebook or Twitter and just press the red button and off she goes. Screenjelly also gives the scope to store videos either as in private or public categories.
After recording a video users can share it through email, Facebook, Twitter and on any other network. But there is a limitation; it supports videos with 3 minutes duration at the max. Users have some other issues with Screenjelly too. Like:

Representative Image

The representative image option is missing in Screenjelly. So users cannot add the chosen part of the video to represent the full recording. This option is available in Screentoaster.


Complex editing options are not really required for such short videos but an option to cut the first and last few shots is always preferable. Unfortunately, that does not happen in case of Screenjelly.

Search Functionality Missing

No search functionality option is available in Screenjelly but surprisingly latest recordings by other users appear at the bottom all the time. Naturally, users raise question about usability of it. Having a user list can prove useful in this regard.


The 3 minutes users get to record their videos prove difficult to manage as they cannot see how much time is left for recording. This is a major drawback. The time appears on the Screenjelly webpage but no dedicated box or space for timer is arranged in it.


If someone prepared a video only for his friends and family, then he might not want to disclose the programs he used or top part of his browser. So users prefer option for choosing only part of the screen not the whole one.


So if someone wants to create quick videos, then Screenjelly is the most preferable option to him. But creating training videos with this tool is not the best option as it records too simple and too short videos only.