Monday, 27 February 2012

MOBILE --> iPhoNe ErRoR 1611 anD sOluTioN

iPhone Error 1611 and Solution ~~>


iPhones till date have been the cosliest phones on the mobile market. For some, buying an iPhone is like a dream.  If you have bought your iPhone and if everything seems fine, then probably you are the luckiest iPhone holder. But, often the problem with Iphone starts , while trying to restore it. iPhone encounters numerous errors, and often the solution is expensive.
“Error 1611”. Does it sound like a familiar word? It is a “Yes”, from most of the iPhone users. This error frequently occurs while restoring your iPhone.While this could get so frustrating that you would want to hit your phone to the wall. But wait, isn’t this a costly affair? So, how do you go about solving it? Let us check it here.
The figure below is the warning message that is displayed when this error 1611 occurs.
iPhone Error 1611

Solution for Error 1611

Let us now look at the solution for Error 1611.
  • One important thing you should be doing is changing the USB port, from where the phone was initially connected.
  • But before that, reboot the computer and then plug in the phone immediately.
  • Also, within no time you should restart the phone in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode.
  • Remember, while doing this your iPhone should be connected to the computer.
  • Now press Restore.
There you go, you are done with the restore.
However, if your phone gets stuck at “Please connect to iTunes” all the time, this means you need a proper restore.
Windows users, all you need to do is:
  • First download iPhone iBrickr here.
  • Now extract the folder to any of your desired location, say, Desktop.
  • Now go to RUN and type cmd there.
  • This will take you to the command prompt.
  • Here, change the directory with command CD to the folder where you have extracted iBrickr. If you are not aware of how to change directory, learn it here.
  • From there, now run iphoneinterface.
  • Now you will see a prompt, r_recovery.
  • Now type setenv auto-boot true and press enter.
  • Now type saveenv and press enter
  • Now type in fsboot and hit enter.
That is all. You iPhone will now boot correctly.


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