Tuesday, 7 February 2012

PC --> OpEn dOcX fIleS wiThouT mS wOrD

Open Docx Files Without Microsoft 

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Docx format was introduced by Microsoft in 2007 with a quest for people to upgrade their office software and other Microsoft services. This version of MS Office 2007 is not compatible with the older versions like Office 2003 or Office 2000. I get annoyed when I receive the .docx files from my friends and I don’t have Office 2007 installed on my machine and I don’t have any plans to upgrade it either.
open docx files
So I will tell you five known ways to open a .docx file even if you don’t have microsoft office 2007 installed on your computer.
1Microsoft Compatibility Pack
This pack is introduced by Microsoft so that its new products are backward compatible with the older software. This pack will allow you to open, edit and save all your office documents in the latest versions of the Microsoft. This pack is available from the website of the company.
2. OpenOffice
This is an open source alternative to the Microsoft Office. This software is free and easy to use. You can open them directly or using its Open XML Translator tool.
3. Go Online
Internet is flooded with many websites that offer you free services to convert the .docx format into .doc format online. There are several popular online converters available such as Zamzar and docx2doc. You can opt for the offline conversion also by downloading the Docx-convertor dashboard from here.
4. Google Docs
And here comes the Google to rescue us from this situation. The Google docs enable you to view your .docx file online but keep in mind that the formatting can be affected.

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