Wednesday, 29 February 2012

PC --> 30 ToRrEnt SeArCh EngiNEs FoR hUntinG toRrEntS oN nEt

30 Torrent Search Engines for Hunting Torrents On Net ~~>

We all love Torrents. It’s one of the quickest way to transfer and share files from one system to another. In recent years we have seen a major boom in P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing technology.
Although downloading torrents from thousands of sites is not a difficult task, still people are unaware of how to upload a torrent file on a site. As huge volume of torrents found over the Internet, searching the right torrent that suites you is not an easy task as such.
Many a times people ask – Which is the best torrent search engine on the web? I find it very difficult to answer, as people have different likings and dis-likings about search engines. Keeping this preference in mind, I have compiled a list of 30 Torrent search engines that would suit all sorts of people. Let me know, if you like it!

Top 30 Torrent Search Engines

1. Isohunt

2. Mininova

3. BTjunkie

4. Demonoid

5. The Pirate Bay

6. BiteNova

7. Torrentportal

8. TorrentReactor

9. Torrentscan

10. Torrentmatrix

11. Bitsoup

12. Torrentz


14. YouTorrent

15. Torrentbox

16. Scrapetorrent

17. TorrentBytes


19. FullDLS


21. NowTorrents

22. Sumo Torrent

23. Torrentmoon

24. Fenopy

25. Usniff

26. Gpirate

27. Torrentfinder

29. ShareTV

30. TorrentLoop


  1. is a great torrent search tool that digs a little deeper. Dual search to compare the top torrent sites results from one page.

  2. Please add also this one torrent search engine to the list