Tuesday, 24 January 2012

MOBILE --> DeActIvatE vOdAfOnE fLasH mSgS

How to Deactivate Annoying Vodafone Flash Messages ~~>

Vodafone is a leading network service provider in countries like India and UK.They regularly send flash messages like  quiz questions, contests, sports scores and news updates.If a user mistakenly click on OK instead of dismissing the alert they get charged.This is an unethical practice and indirectly a theft.By following this step by step tutorial you can disable these Flash messages and get rid of this dilemma.

Open Menu of your mobile phone and select Vodafone Services.

After opening it select Flash option from the list.

Now Click on the Activation option and then select Deactivate.

3 How to Deactivate Annoying Vodafone Flash Messages

  • You will get a Flash! OFF message on your screen.
  • Now in your Flash list select My Topics option.
  • Set all the services as OFF.
That’s it! Now in a few minutes all Flash Message services will get turned off on your mobile.
Note:- DND (Do Not Disturb) service only deactivates the unwanted calls or text messages from the Vodafone but it doesn’t stop flash messages. If you want to stop promotional calls and messages then type message START DND and send it to 111.

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