Friday, 20 January 2012

PC --> MaKE a VirUs wiTh MS wOrD

Make a VIRUS with microsoft word ~~>

Making a virus isn't easy. I mean not all the virus are easy. So dont just say "I wanna make a virus". It isn't a miracle. But u can make an easy virus, like for Microsoft word, have a try.
ATTENTION: u also will be infective by this virus, so u have to backup ur pc first.
Step I (startup)
Choose "New Document" and click the menu: Tools=>Macro=>Macros and write the Sub's name as AutoOpen .
Now the V.Basic editor will open. You can change the module's (module NOT macro or sub) name in something cool and original.
Get ready to write (between "Sub AutoOpen()" and "End Sub").
Step II (the code)
You write the PC infection code: copy the module from the file to if the PC isn't infected yet (to see if it is, use a condition ex. a text string in the registry or the username="bla bla" or smth.)
Check if the file is infected (ex. if ActiveDocument.VBProject.VBComponents(2).Name = modulename), if not, copy the module from to the file.
Step III (finish)
Write whatever else you want your virus to do, you can also make him infect the PC or the file when it's opened, closed, saved etc. by changing the Sub's name to: AutoClose, AutoSave, AutoNew etc. .
Write smth. funny in the document too...
Save the document and distribute it! READY!!!

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