Tuesday, 24 January 2012

PC --> ChEcK wHo Un-FriEndEd u On FB

Check Who Un-Friended You on FB ~~>

Eager to know who un-friended you and when? Well the new Facebook Timeline feature has a flaw which can be explored to know who unfriended you and in which year.If you have activated Facebook Timline then by using this trick you can easily find all the friends who unfriended you.This is a loophole and it will be fixed soon by facebook so you better hurry!!

Trick to Check Who Has Un-Friended You on Facebook:-

  • First of all Enable Timeline Feature in your Facebook Account.
  • Now open your profile and click on the year in which you want see the people who unfriended you.
139 Trick to Check Who Un Friended You on Facebook
  • Scroll down the cursor till you find Friends column where you wil see list of new friends you made in that particular year. Like in this screenshot you can see I Made 32 New friends.
1216 Trick to Check Who Un Friended You on Facebook
  • Click on it and all your friends will be shown in a new  pop-up window and if you find Add as Friend option next to any person it means he has un-friended you.
defrienders image Trick to Check Who Un Friended You on Facebook
You can check all the years one by one to find out how many of your friends have un-friended you.

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