Saturday, 28 January 2012

MOBILE --> fInD sOnG usIng iTs mElodY

Find Unknown Song Using Its Melody ~~>

What's that songs name? Who sang it?
Now it is as easy as humming/singing the song to search for it.
Soundhound uses revolutionary music recognition system to do it. It only takes 4 seconds to recognize a song if you play it from a speaker/radio. 4 to 10 seconds will be enough if you sing it yourself.
  • Unlimited music recognition even for free version.
  • Song Previews
  • Lyrics
  • Music Videos
  • History to keep track of searched song titles.
A must have app for music lovers! Pro version has some extra features such as a one touch music identification widget, but free version is good enough for general use.
soundhound android 1 soundhound android 2 soundhound android 3

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