Saturday, 28 January 2012

MOBILE --> sElF pIc tAkinG aPp fOr iPhOnE

Self-Photo-Taking App For iPhone ~~>

self photo
If you haven't notice, it is hard to take a picture of yourself with the iPhone because you have to tap on the small on-screen shutter button which is facing away from you during self-photo intake.
This is where this app shines.
It has two modes:
  • Face Detection mode - Snaps photo automatically when it detects a face. Just point the camera at yourself and let it do the rest.
  • Tap to Snap mode - Snaps photo by tapping anywhere on the screen, the whole screen is now the shutter button which make it easier. Also comes with optional timer delay up to 10 seconds :)
Most importantly, the app logo features a self-photo-taking panda, what can you ask more?
self photo 1 self photo 2 self photo 3

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