Friday, 27 January 2012

PC --> sHakE n ChanGe sYmBiAn pHonE's sCreEn

Shake & Change Symbian Phone’s Screen ~~>

One basic function that a good mobile application performs is that it either makes your life easy in some way or it brings some level of excitement in your mundane usual phone usage in daily routine. Henceforth, there’s no ambiguity as to why these apps are making news everyday in the Smartphones world. People out there have justgone crazy for these apps and simply want the best ones on their devices, no matter what. One such fun and exciting mobile app is the ‘Shake n Screen Free‘ app for the Symbian OS.
We all tend to have loads of pictures in our mobile phone memories and often we like to set them on the Screen as wallpapers. Now we also like to keep changing them at regular intervals to give our device’s screen that refreshing look. But we had to do the boring task of going into the Menu & changing it manually after going through a series of steps. That’s where “shake n Screen Free” comes in. With this app in your Symbian mobile devices, you can simply shake the phone and change the Screen. Set all your Favorite Pictures as Wallpapers and change them just with a shake.

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