Friday, 20 January 2012

PC --> PrInT aLl fiLeS iN a FOldEr iN sIngLE coMmaNd

Print all files in a folder in a single command ~~>

We can print one document in Windows XP. But how to we print all files in the folders? Ok. If one folder has 10 files we can open all files and then give print command. If 100 files are there and you have to take a printout of all of them what can we do? Here only notepad comes to our help here we can write a batch file and command it to print from a right place. Lets see briefly how is this done.

First of all open note pad, through Start, All Programs, Accessories, Notepad then type the following code without fault.

@echo off

dir%1/-p/o: gin>





Save the file as printdir.bat, then save it in c:\windows folder. A small tip: - you can save this file in any name but you must give the extension as .bat only. Now you have successfully created a file to print. Now, let’s see how to print all files in a folder,

1) First double click the My Computer icon.
2) Select Folder options from the Tools menu
3) Then Click File types tab, it will be in the upper side of the screen.
4) You will find a file type below” Registered file types”
5) Select it and click Advanced Tab
6) This opens Edit File Type. In this you can see a button “New” click it
7) New action dialog box opens
8)Type print directory in action tab
9) Browse for c:\windows\printdir.bat through browse button at application used to perform action
10) Click ok and close all the dialog boxes

If lot of files is to be printed we can create a folder and put them inside it, now right click on the folder and select print directory option in it, if you select this all files in the folder will be printed.

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